Using Games in the Classroom

5 February 2021

Prof Cobanoglu hosted Dr Annemarie Sisson of University of Florida in a webinar entitled “Using Games in the Classroom.” on February 5, 2021. This webinar was designed to share ideas to keep students actively engaged using games in classroom instruction. Participants learned about a variety of low-tech tools that can help add motivation and fun into any semester. Ideas for active game-play centering on hospitality sales, revenue management, and market segmentation skills were shared. With outlined steps and adaptations for lodging, F&B, and event management, you can try them out with your students immediately Methods for adaptations to on-campus and online instruction were also discussed.


The webinar led to an initiative to create a database for online games for business courses. If you want to be part of this initiative or download the handout prepared by Dr Sisson, please visit the M3 Center website:

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