JHTT ranked #6th in the world

7 August 2019

Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Technology (JHTT) has been ranked #6 among all hospitality journals and #20 among all tourism journals based on Google Citation Results! Prof Cobanoglu has been serving as the founding editor-in-chief of JHTT since its inception in 2010. As a young journal, being ranked in top 10 among all hospitality journals is an amazing success due to the hard work of editorial team, editorial advisory board members, reviewers and the authors. JHTT’s key performance indicators are increasing each year.

In 2015, JHTT articles have been downloaded about 11,000 times. In 2018, they have been downloaded 32,000 times. As of July 2019, more articles have been downloaded than 2018 combined.

Similarly, the number of citations are increasing each year. In 2015, 115 JHTT articles have been cited; in 2018, 398 articles have been cited. As of July 2019, 442 articles have been cited.




The Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Technology is the only journal dedicated solely for research in technology and e-business in tourism and hospitality. JHTT is indexed by Scopus and ESCI.

It is a bridge between academia and industry through the intellectual exchange of ideas, trends and paradigmatic changes in the fields of hospitality, IT and e-business. It covers:

  • E-Marketplaces, electronic distribution channels, or e-Intermediaries
  • Internet or e-commerce business models
  • Self service technologies
  • E-Procurement
  • Social dynamics of e-communication
  • Relationship Development and Retention
  • E-governance
  • Security of transactions
  • Mobile/Wireless technologies in commerce
  • IT control and preparation for disaster
  • Virtual reality applications
  • Word of Mouth.
  • Cross-Cultural differences in IT use
  • GPS and Location-based services
  • Biometric applications
  • Business intelligence visualization
  • Radio Frequency Identification applications
  • Service-Oriented Architecture of business systems
  • Technology in New Product Development
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