Favoritism directly affects job embeddedness, procedural, distributive and interactional justice

15 August 2019

Prof Cobanoglu and his co-authors published a research paper recently about the the effect of favoritism on job embeddedness in the hospitality industry.

The study examines the effect of favoritism on job embeddedness and the mediating influence of organizational justice dimensions, underpinned by social identity and social exchange theories. Survey instruments were distributed to non-favoritism beneficiary employees of three- and four-star family-run hotels in North Cyprus. The findings suggest that favoritism directly affects job embeddedness, procedural justice, distributive justice, and interactional justice in a negative way. In addition, the findings display that three dimensions of organizational justice mediate the influence of favoritism on job embeddedness. This study includes discussions of the theoretical and managerial implications of the findings.

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