Can Technology Save Hospitality?

10 February 2021

Prof Cobanoglu was invited to be a guest in the World Association of Chefs; Societies podcast series. You can listen to the podcast and read the story here:


Episode 37: Can Technology Save Hospitality with Dr. Cihan Cobanoglu

In this episode, Ragnar connects with renowned hospitality and tourism technology expert, Dr. Cihan Cobanoglu. They dive into the world of technology and ask, in the new frontier created by the global pandemic, can technology save hospitality?

Dr. Cihan Cobanoglu is the McKibbon Endowed Chair Professor of the School of Hospitality and Tourism Management (SHRM) in the Muma College of Business at the University of South Florida (USF) and serves as the Director of the M3 Center for Hospitality Technology and Innovation and Coordinator of International Programs for the School of Hospitality and Tourism Management.

His research centers on the use and impact of technology in the hospitality industry. “People are always assumed that when we say technology, it’s high-tech; it’s Elon Musk; it’s space; it’s robots; it’s flying objects,” says Dr. Cihan. The way he sees it, that is technology, but so are simple ideas like a “Do Not Disturb” sign on a hotel door. By his definition, technology is any skill, tool, or process of doing anything better, faster, and more efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable. That’s far more approachable.

He leads the M3 Center thinktank and research hub to offer resources for educational tools and innovation, conferences, training, and forums. Together, they’re working to improve the connections between academia, industry, and society at large.

With this mission in mind, Dr. Cihan and the USF M3 Center took their expertise to the masses with a groundbreaking program for a Post Crisis Hospitality Management Certificate: 100% online, and free of charge.

The seven-week online certificate program is designed to help…[Continue reading here]

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