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Hospitality & Tourism Information Technology Textbook


Requirements for each chapter

  • Learning Objectives

  • Introduction

  • Textbook Chapter: Sufficient detail for each section (5000-10,000 words)

  • Exhibits (Graphics, Pictures, Tables, Photos) as necessary (no minimum/maximum but must have some) (Please make sure that you use copyright free material or obtain copyright)

  • Technology Providers/Tools (if applicable)

  • Conclusion

  • Key terms – Including definitions

  • Include an insert from an industry professional or vendor (if applicable)

  • Additional Readings (if any)

  • Discussion Questions - 10

  • Referencing: APA 6th Edition

After the chapter is accepted and finalized, we will ask you to submit:

  • Test Bank – 20 questions 

  • PowerPoint Slides (this can be submitted after the chapter is finalized)

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